Super Wild Wild Words

Super Wild Wild Words 1.01

Get off your horse and find the words pardner


  • Two game modes
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Nice graphics


  • Sound could be improved


It's a little known facts that when they weren't slinging their guns the cowboys of the Wild West loved nothing more than playing a good word game.

Super Wild Wild Words recreates the classic game of Hangman on your PDA. This time, though, there's a twist - in order to be able to make a guess you'll first need to put your word-finding skills to the test.

The game challenges you to make words by joining up the letters that are piled up in bricks. Make a word and the letters will disappear, meaning that the blocks beneath them tumble down. The aim is to clear the board so that the sheriff badges, gold, and TNT fall to the bottom. When a sheriff badge touches the floor you get a make a guess at the hangman, when gold hits the bottom you get more points, and TNT will explode all the blocks on that line.

There are two different game modes in Super Wild Wild Words: normal mode, where you race against the clock to make as many words as possible before the board fills up; and a bonus mode, where extra letters fall onto the game board as you make words.

Super Wild Wild Words is well presented and the Wild West theme is reflected nicely through the graphics - although the sound was a bit feeble I thought.

By combining two classic word games, Super Wild Wild Words makes for a sharp shooting puzzle game.

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Super Wild Wild Words


Super Wild Wild Words 1.01

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